Mentor Program

Presently, I’m able to offer a one-on-one mentoring program via e-mail. This suits people who prefer to decide what they would like to work on next, rather than follow a prescribed program. It also means that we can start at the point best suited to each unique human-horse partnership.

The mentoring does not have a specific time frame so it can cater for the variability of weather and other things in people’s lives.

My aim is to build up each client’s confidence and skills so that my mentoring can rapidly fade out and is only needed occasionally. Once you have become adept at creating training plans and converting them to individual education programs for a specific horse, you won’t need much more mentoring.

Books: My ten books are a solid foundation for the mentoring situation. If you have the books, it is easy for me to quickly guide you to the parts that seems most relevant to a particular discussion.

Video Clips: My extensive collection of short video clips on YouTube makes it easy for me to direct you to the ones most relevant to your present training plan. As well, if you can send me short video clips, it is easier for me to assess and recommend.

How it works: I log the time I spend and send you the hours accumulated at an agreed-upon time interval. I charge $30.00 per hour, New Zealand dollars. Here is a link to a cash converter program if you want to work out what that is in your currency.

Payment is via PayPal, or if you are in New Zealand, via direct deposit.

To Contact me: Email:

Hertha James

BSc, Dip Tchg, Dip Lib Sci, HAAT (Horse Agility Accredited Trainer)