This blog outlines some of the new learning and adventures to be had with a study of equine clicker training.

Hertha James has a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and a High School teaching degree. She taught science and biology for 23 years. Now she devotes her teaching and learning skills to designing and sharing clicker training resources to help  jump start people’s desire to learn more about equine clicker training.

Clicker training opens up a whole new vista of horse interactions.  It helps us appreciate how extremely sensitive and incredibly aware of body language horses are.

“I learned to watch and listen more closely to what the horse is saying.  With each new challenge, Boots and I are  building a two-way language that allows us to have fun with Horse Agility, go for enjoyable walks out and about in the neighborhood or just hang out together resting or doing interesting things.”

Check out the BOOKS  link above to see her books available from Amazon.com as either e-books or paperbacks.

The GLOSSARY link above can be helpful in getting ones head around the ‘positive reinforcement’ terminology.

Horsemanship is so much more than riding.

1 thought on “About

  1. Donna

    I am totally enjoying your delightful calm manner with the horses
    Can’t wait to try them out with my very smart very clever very pushy 2 yr old mini , who can get overly excited be a bit nippy



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