This blog looks at some of the adventures my horse, Boots, and I are having as we explore equine clicker training in more and more depth.

We started clicker training (also known as Positive Reinforcement Training) in 2008 and have enormous fun with it.  Our greatest achievement so far is teaching Boots to wear harness and pull a cart, taught entirely with clicker training.  We filmed each step to produce two DVDs — one on ‘Harness Horse Preparation‘ and one on ‘Long-Reining‘.  Each has a set of detailed notes.  They are available by contacting me.

Clicker training pairs up nicely with natural horsemanship, allowing cues to become extremely refined.  Horses are extremely sensitive and incredibly aware of body language.

When I learned to stop ‘shouting’ at my horse with equipment and excessive actions, I was able to slow down and listen, both to my horse and to myself.

So that’s what this is about.  How I am learning to be more quiet and listening.  How Boots and I are gradually building a 2-way language that allows us to do well in fun things like Horse Agility, go for enjoyable walks together in the wider neighbourhood and just hang out together resting or doing interesting things.

Horsemanship is so much more than riding.


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