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What I Can Offer

Presently, I’m able to offer a one-on-one mentoring program via e-mail. This suits people who prefer to decide what they would like to work on next, rather than follow a prescribed program. It also means that we can start at the point best suited to each unique human-horse partnership.

The mentoring does not have a specific time frame so it can cater for the variability of weather and other things in people’s lives.

My aim is to build up each client’s confidence and skills so that my mentoring can rapidly fade out and is only needed occasionally. Once you have become adept at creating training plans and converting them to individual education programs for a specific horse, you won’t need much more mentoring.

Books: My twelve books provide a solid foundation for the mentoring situation. If you have the books, it is easy for me to quickly guide you to the part that relates to a particular discussion.

Video Clips: My extensive collection of short video clips on YouTube make it easy for you to find the ones most relevant to your present training plan. If you can send me short video clips, I can asses and recommend. You can find my channel by searching for Hertha Muddyhorse.

How it works: I log the time I spend and let you know at the end of each email. Payment can be at an agreed-upon time interval, or at the completion of a certain number of mentoring hours, whichever suits you best.

I charge $30.00 New Zealand. A cash converter program easily works out what that is in your currency or I can do that for you. Payment is via PayPal, or if you are in New Zealand, via direct deposit.

To Contact me: Email:

The idea of writing about Hertha’s work scared me a little bit. Then I thought about what Hertha teaches. This is just a new challenge. Divide it into little pieces, as small as you need them to be. Then find a spot where you can start. In my case, that spot where everything starts is me and my horse, Itaca. After a whole lifetime surrounded by horses, I realized that I didn’t know anything about them. My horse came to me as an Arabian foal rescued from terrible conditions and angry at the world.

There we were, starting a new life together without speaking the same language. I can summarise our beginnings by saying that they were very complicated times. When I asked trainers for help, the situation kept getting worse.

As if by magic, a close friend suggest that I watch Hertha’s videos on YouTube. So I did. A new world filled with new possibilities opened right in front of my eyes. There was a new way of working with horses, very different from traditional training. This way was filled with respect, trust, based on science and best of all, it actually works!

I wanted to learn more and more about it. I needed to absorb all the knowledge that those videos had. How was it possible that this woman, working with her horse in a country so far away, was the lady who was going to teach me? I found out that Hertha had written some books and obviously I bought them all. Even though English is not my first language, I had no issues understanding her videos or her books. Her language is very clear and concise.

My horse’s eyes started to shine and I mean literally because I saw it happen. We started to build a relationship based in mutual respect and trust. Hertha’s books have given me the opportunity to learn more about horses than I had previously learned in my entire life. She taught me how to create a true connection with them, to understand their language and how to establish a truthful dialogue. Hertha catches your attention and invites you and your horse to experiment with every part of the teaching and learning process.

Every challenge was a new opportunity to learn, to consolidate what we already knew and to realize what we could improve. I speak in plural form because it is a work each one of us does with our horses. The way Hertha presents the challenges is very clear and simple. Behind each one is a great deal of work and knowledge based on personal experience which she kindly wants to share.

Without even realizing it, day by day, the challenges guide my way through a process of learning, both personal and for my horse, in way that has us enjoy the training. Hertha taught me a new way of thinking, planning my exercises, practicing them, observing and paying special attention to the details. And always in a kind and fun way for me, and most importantly, for my horse. Thank you Hertha..

Marga Zabala

November 2019