Blog Contents List

What is Equine Clicker training?
Positive Reinforcement Explained:
Training with a Marker Signal and Positive Reinforcement:
The Four Stages of New Learning:
Hanging Out with a Horse:
Willing Haltering:
Mats: Parking or Stationing and Much More:
‘Zero Intent’ and ‘Intent’:
Seeking the Horse’s Consent Signals:
Keeping the Balance:
The Plan: Thin-Slicing the Tasks We Want to Teach:
Target Chin to Hand: Begin Targeting of Body Parts:
Target Flexions:
Hanging Out with a Horse:
Smooth ‘Walk On’ and ‘Halt’ Transitions:
Destination Training:
Soft Rope & Rein Response:
Gaining Fluidity without Drilling:
Walk and Hock Gym:
Chaining Behaviors:
180 Degree Turns:
Rainy Day and Stall Rest Activities:
Getting a Smooth Halt in Many Situations:
Target Shoulder to Hand:
Targeting Hindquarters to Our Hand:
Analyzing Tasks: The Gate:
Smooth 90-Degree Turns: Handler on the Inside: