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Keeping the Balance

For everything we teach our horse, we have to be mindful of also teaching the opposite.  If we teach a very good ‘whoa’, it is also important to teach an excellent ‘walk on’ signal.  This PDF looks further into the important idea of keeping our training objectives ‘in balance’.

Keeping the Balance


Introducing Myself

I’m Hertha James and delving deeply into Equine Clicker Training is the purpose of this blog.

From 1995 I studied natural horsemanship and spent 2009-2010 researching various practitioners of this and writing a fully referenced book, Natural Horsemanship Study Guide, with the hope of making the best parts of it (in my opinion, of course) more accessible to the average person.

The book is a home-study course in two volumes.  Volume 1 presents the information and Volume 2 is a write-on workbook.  It can take 6 months to a year or more to work through the course, depending on the time a person is able to devote to it.  The course covers groundwork including trailer loading and mounting preparation.  It suits pre-ride education for a young horse and helps keep an older horse supple and interested in life.  It can be done alongside any type of riding.

From about 2006 I’ve studied Equine Clicker Training also known as Positive Reinforcement Training.  It can easily be built into natural horsemanship.  But clicker training also has depths not found in any other behaviour shaping methods I’ve come across.

I have a degree in zoology and spent the first years of my working life as a zookeeper and animal handler on movie sets.  Then I switched to the human zoo and taught Science and Biology for 23 years.  This was followed by a qualification in Information and Library Science and 12 years work in a high school library.

To test how far my horse, Boots, and I could go with clicker training, we devoted a winter to learn  about wearing harness and pulling a cart – all done with clicker training.  Each step was filmed to create 2 DVDs, Harness Pony Preparation, and Long-Reining.cropped-dsc_0373.jpg