Keeping the Balance

target right hind to pool n 12-26-2016_083853

Photo: Teaching the horse to target a pool noodle with his hind foot to help his confidence with standing on three legs is one half of the task.

Bex confidence

Photo: The other half of the task is to teach relaxation while being rubbed all over with a pool noodle, keeping all feet on the ground.

Keeping the Balance

For everything we teach our horse, we have to be mindful of also teaching the opposite.  If we teach a very good ‘whoa’, it is also important to teach an excellent ‘walk on’ signal.  This PDF looks further into the important idea of keeping our training objectives ‘in balance’.

Keeping the Balance


3 thoughts on “Keeping the Balance

    1. herthajames Post author

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you for your comment and interest in my work. There are three different kinds of resources that I have.
      One is my NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP STUDY GUIDE. I can email you a PDF attachment of a preview if you like. It is quite big, in two volumes, so the total cost in US dollars, depending on the day’s exchange rate is somewhere around $85 dollars. It comes with three DVDs included.

      The second program is about Equine Clicker Training. This exists as clips on YouTube and for interested people, I mail out the accompanying notes as PDF documents attached to an email. There is no charge for this. I would love to get lots more people interested in Equine Clicker Training, also known as Positive Reinforcement Training.

      The first 26 clips are also available on DVD so can be purchased as a DVDs & Notes set, like the third option below.

      The third set of resources exist as DVD & Note sets on specific topics, and I will send along a flyer which gives all the topics. Each of them is US$25 inclusive of postage.

      Cheers, Hertha



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